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Coffee-table books still make a big impact
Steve Bennett - San Antonio Express-News - December 8, 2017
For a Nat Geo look at Texas beauty, photographer and travel writer Eric W. Pohl captures the grandeur and charm of what is indubitably the prettiest geography in the state - lots of wildflowers, rivers, sunsets, historic architecture and grand vistas. READ MORE »

6 Austin Books That Make Awesome Presents:
Add These To Your Shopping List For Your Favorite Book Nerds
Madeline Hollern - Austin Montly Magazine - December 4, 2017

A Glimpse into Eric W. Pohl's "Texas Hill Country"
Pamela Price - The Texas Wildflower - December 5, 2017
An accomplished photographer brings the Hill Country to the pages of his new book - and it's a keeper. READ MORE »

Tour the Hill Country, Page by Page
Daniel Clifton - Picayune - October 20, 2017
As Eric Pohl worked his way down the Colorado Bend State Park trail, he had an idea of how it would end. At the start of the trail, the temperature hovered at about 100 degrees, but on his descent, the photographer noticed a change. The flora shifted from scrubby Hill Country brush to greener, lusher vegetation, and the temperature dipped. "Your senses begin picking up things. You hear the water," he recalled. READ MORE »

Photographer Eric Pohl to Release New Book: 'Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey'
Athena Hessong - - September 15, 2017
Texan and photographer Eric Pohl will release his latest book "Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey" on September 27, 2017. His brilliant photography has captured the wonder and scope of the vastness of the Texas Hill Country. In a recent interview, Mr. Pohl shared some of his experiences writing the book and what he loves about Texas. READ MORE »

Texas Hill Country, by Eric W. Pohl
Paul Mastin - September 21, 2017 - Reading Glutton Blog
The words "the Hill Country" are sure to fire the imagination of any Texan. There are lots of pretty spots across this great state, but the region with the most is surely the Hill Country. Photographer and native Texan Eric W. Pohl is a lover and resident of the Hill Country. He photographs and shares some of its beauty in Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey. READ MORE »